The Painted Word: Manuscript Illumination Classes

Some FAQ’s:

What will each class be like?
Each of these classes will be three hours long, beginning with a short history of medieval manuscripts. Medieval-themed snacks and drinks will be provided!

What will we be making?
In this class, we will be making a 5”x7” miniature of a subject of the group's choice (such as The Annunciation, St. Margaret, a dragon, etc.) in gouache, ink, and gold. 

What materials will be provided?
All the materials for this class will be provided, including paint, brushes, gold ink, and Pergamenata, a semi-transparent, vegetable-based product similar to the medieval parchment made from animal skins.

Will we be doing calligraphy?
Calligraphy would be another class, but maybe someday!

Tracing! That doesn’t seem very sporting.
Manuscript illumination was a graphic art as well as a fine art, and many pieces were based on existing ones. Medieval art is pretty rigid to begin with, so tracing the basic outlines helps streamline the steps for a three-hour class.