Morgan le Fay

Because most of my work is based on myths, legends, and scriptures, I wanted to expand my references a bit, and picked up The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by Barbara G. Walker. It's been a great resource and a fun read, and inspired a little Morgan le Fay illumination. It was a bit more difficult than the illuminations based on saints, which have convenient symbols, colors, and attributes to use. For Morgan le Fay, I went with some symbols typically associated with darkness, nature,  and the feminine: a crescent halo, a raven, and a green dress. A clumsy effort on my part, maybe, but her varying roles as a goddess, antagonist, witch, and queen are all fascinating. 

The text is a mishmash of nonsense words, inspired by the stirring (but meaningless) theme song to the first Berserk film.