Been working on the Nativity series based on the Crusader's Bible. I'm doing this project on Pergamenata, from the recommendation of Hillarie and James Cornwell, creators of Saints, Signs, and SymbolsPergamenata is great: it's a plant-based product made to look, feel, and work like traditional skin parchment. The finished art is much more durable, and you can even scrape off mistakes with an X-acto knife. Vegetarian parchment? Sign me up!

Several online reviews recommended rubbing the entire surface with an eraser to prepare the surface for calligraphy. Parchment products (and their vegetable-based relatives, I guess) have a thin layer of oil that can lead to ink just pooling on the surface into big nasty puddles. Even then, my pencil lines smudged a lot, rendering the side of my hand permanently shiny and gray. Nothing a bit of soap and water wouldn't fix, plus this meant the material could take layers and layers of pencil without getting frayed or gouged. 

Scratching off ink mistakes was something I had to do on just about every page (luckily usually just a wrong stroke, or a water drop that smudged some words), so considering how much work went into this series, I really appreciate not having to start from...scratch! each time.

The Pergamenata did buckle a bit under the gouache, and too much scraping or water would bring out the stringy plant fibers. Still, I really liked having a warm background for the miniatures, and having something that not only looks but feels medieval is exciting. Plus, this work contains zero baby cows! That's a plus.

Have a happy week!