Grunewald Guild Residency #4: The Devil's Grandmother

“The great-grandmother is a very venomous old woman, and she is never idle. She never goes out without her work, and she had it with her to-day, too. She was busily making gad-about leather to put into people's shoes, so that the wearer might have no rest. She embroidered lies, and strung together all the idle words which fell to the ground, to make mischief of them. Oh, yes, old great-grandmother can knit and embroider in fine style.”
Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen, 1907

Now the three kinds of work she does have been really fun to draw: sewing, embroidery, and beadwork. I love the idea of an old grandmother picking up lies like they were beads at Craft Warehouse, and this odd crossing of the spiritual and the material is my favorite thing about old fairy tales.