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A confession for my writing group friends: I tried my hand at prose in middle school, starting my own fantasy series with sword fights, strong women, and shamefully overwrought love stories. Eventually I realized that I would have to start writing political intrigue, this being a fantasy story, and the thought of writing political intrigue was distasteful enough for me to abandon the project altogether.

About the same time I stopped drawing swords, I started reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. With comics, I could tell stories, but I could tell them visually. Before you think your story would never work as a comic (or think that comics are just the for of superheroes), let’s look at some of the advantages to telling your story in two dimensions....

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(Some people would say that comics exist in four dimensions, since they work through time, but then, so do prose stories. I like the idea of stretching a story into visual specificity.)